It's All Because of Her
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You know this is honestly one of my favorite things. They did these little gestures in the same episode. I mean, that’s how carefully they put these scenes together. In the same episode where in a matter of hours of knowing her, he’s able to recite her entire backstory, emotional issues and all without her saying anything. In the same episode where she calls him out on his past by just seeing his tattoo and knowing he has a vendetta against Rumple. In the same episode where the writers themselves said she didn’t like where this was going, she was falling in step with this guy way too easily and the last time she felt like that, she got burned.

Tell me again how these two haven’t been set up as soulmates since their very first scenes together. You can’t write a well thought out and brilliantly crafted story by pandering to fan service. Hook and Emma have BEEN in the story for a season and a half now and they’ve been having these canon romantic moments since their very first adventure.

Why would they take such care to add such small tiny details such as the ones above, if they only planned on keeping Hook around for a short time or if this was some relationship they didn’t plan on developing from the moment they wrote Hook into the show. I know these gestures seem small but, to me they’re a really huge deal b/c they purposely wrote it this way. And that is just a really encouraging thought.

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    I am excited about the Jolly Roger episode! I hope we get to see it in action as PIRATE SHIP!
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