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mileyirysh asked: CARRIEEE. I'm not around enough these days, and I miss reading your brilliance lots, but I was just briefly stopping by and saw the walkie spoiler for next week and I just had to squee in your inbox quickly bc YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TIME ONE OF OUR OTPs HAD WALKIE TALKIE CONVOS. 'WHERE ARE YOU?' 'PLEASE.' 'PLEASE WHERE ARE YOU.' 'I CAN'T LEAVE WITHOUT YOUUUUUU.' ETC. AND WE WERE NEVER THE SAME AGAIN. js.





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OH MY GOD….but just imagine Hook having the hardest time using it and she’s in the cave, feeling weak and she’s scared, and she’s trying to get through to him and all she hears at first is his voice trying to come through the walkie but he can’t get it to work so you just hear “Blo—y Hel-” b/c he keeps messing it up and she just sits there and smiles and laughs to herself because what an idiot. And he’s all hers.

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When you lose your way
And the fight is gone
Your heart starts to break
And you need someone around now
Just close your eyes a while
I’ll put my arms above you
And make you unbreakable



Oh no. I thought the Rumbelle scene where Rumple is dying and calls Belle in the hospital was bad. That was the most emotional I’ve ever gotten over those two.

If they do a similar with Emma and Hook now… someone. Hold me.

And you know what… Jane Espenson wrote both episodes!!!


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Not to alarm anyone…but who ELSE is the walkie talkie associated with?

Emma’s confirmed TL…HENRY.

Parallels. They are a thing.

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Hello my precious fellow shippers,

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Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it.


CTV 4x02 promo


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