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Colin O’Donoghue on the set of Once Upon a Time, season 4 - Aug. 19, 2014. (by Opustwelve/attackontaetan)  [ click for original res. (HQ) ]

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Update from the set


Okay so Hook is wearing his new (sexy) dark brown leather jacket. Its kinda hard to see him from so far away and security is tight, but he didn’t shave (to whoever started that little rumor and he is spotting so *TIGHT* black skinny jeans that are possibly leather again security tight and he’s far away. AS FOR HIS HOOK one of his hands has a glove on it so sorry guys (not sorry) Hook is still Hook :)!

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Another shot of Hook’s new outfit

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Anonymous asked: Re the hand thing: Is he actually *using* the hand where the hook used to be? Or is it possible he's wearing something skin-toned that is just a normal prosthetic hand, and looks like a real hand from far away? 


Not sure if he’s actually using the hand during the scene. But it’s for sure his real hand. Between takes you can see him being his idiot self messing with his hands lol. I may have a picture of it. But yes 100% his own hand.

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So the scene right now looks like Gold gets into his car next to his shop. Killian opens the door of the car and gets in. We can’t hear what they’re saying but a part of their conversation one of their voices gets louder (maybe some yelling? Idk I don’t wanna give false info) and then Killian gets out of the car slams the door and walks away.

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Don’t make me do something you’ll regret
- Hook to Rumple (via captaincronut)
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Emma Swan in what I’d like to call “What the Hell Did I Just Step In?”

OUAT set - August 19, 2014

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